Everyone has a bucket list, whether it's written in your scrapbook or just a casually "I'd love to go there". No matter your dream location, I can plan it for you. If you know where you want to go pop me a message and lets get planning, if you need some inspiration take a look below.



Seeing the 'big five' is high on many a bucket list. However, the lions, elephants, leopards, buffalo and rhinos are just the beginning of a safari. A breathtaking diversity of animals await you on an African safari from cheetahs and crocodiles to pink flamingos and blue Ostriches.
Would you like to have the pleasure of meeting the Masai people? This can be arranged to enable you to enjoy learning about their culture whilst admiring their brightly colored clothes and impressive jumping dance.
Do you want a wedding people will never forget? Chat to me about a safari wedding.
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This is a true once in a lifetime, knock your socks off experience. Antarctica is a truly unique and completely remote destination. On theses expeditions you will experience the frozen wilderness with daily landings and activities. Antarctica will amaze you and treat you with the chance to see penguins, whales and seals in their natural habitat. Ensuring the habitat is not effected by our visits, the expedition takes sustainable travel very seriously being the greenest expedition cruise fleet you could travel with. 

So what are you waiting for? Grab your thermals and get messaging me.




I don't think I've meet one person who doesn't want to experience the aurora borealis. The biggest question I have for you is how do you want to spend your northern lights holiday? A weekend in Reykjavik, with day trips to the blue lagoon and exploring the golden circle, with hotel wake up calls if the lights appear? How about sailing on a small expedition ship through beautiful scenery and night skies unpolluted by lights? Or the ultimate experience of mushing a husky team across a frozen lake in the arctic circle? No matter your dream or adventure level, you can be sure that I will find the perfect northern lights trip for you. (Seeing the lights can not be guaranteed)


China today is an ancient culture reinvented; a place where incredibly old and state-of-the-art rub shoulders. From the magnificent sights like the Great Wall and Terracotta Warriors to roly-poly pandas, vibrant mega-metropolises and serene landscapes, China is diverse, complex and rich. Every province brings a new set of flavours to its cuisine and a new range of beliefs, philosophies and cultures - and all of it is ripe and ready for exploration on your China holiday.

Japanese Woman in Cherry Blossom


On a holiday to Japan, you’ll discover a unique and dynamic culture that effortlessly combines ultra-modern with deep tradition. On the streets of innovative, futuristic cities glass towers and tranquil temples stand side by side, whilst picturesque old towns, and gorgeous landscapes are an easy bullet train ride away. Mix these spectacular sights with a welcoming people, delicious cuisine and rich culture and you’ve got yourself a holiday to remember.


Thailand offers the perfect introduction to Southeast Asia, a place both exotic and familiar. Thanks to a wonderfully smiley people, Thailand is a fun and friendly place to explore, offering activities for every sort of traveller. Park yourself on one of a plethora of gorgeous beaches, on the mainland or a tropical island of your choice; trek through spectacular highlands, catching a glimpse of the way of life of the ethnic minority tribes that call the hills home; delve into the rich and undiluted Thai culture amongst fascinating ruins and vibrant golden temples; live the high life in the fast-paced yet traditional city of Bangkok; and don’t even get us started on the delicious food! With such diversity it isn’t a surprise that Thailand is such a popular place to discover.

Image by Marcin Kaliński
Image by Matt Thomason


Poised along the jagged border between British Columbia and Alberta are the majestic Canadian Rockies. Iconic for its snow-capped peaks, mammoth glaciers, aquamarine lakes and evergreen forests, the Canadian portion of the Rocky Mountains is a pristine sight.
There are lots of ways to explore this breathtaking area. Relax in luxury as you watch the scenery from the window of your train window, embark on a coach holiday ensuring you stop at all the must hike places or for a true feeling of adventure, hire a camper van and explore at your own pace. No matter your preferred holiday style you can be sure that I'll make it perfect for you.


The USA is known for being THE place to road trip, whether you choose a bike, car, camper van or escorted coach trip you can be sure to have an amazing time with plenty to see. Your biggest decision will be where to go. Choose from Alaska, American music cities, east coast, Hawaii, National Parks, Southern USA and the west coast. Escorted tours can be arranged to make sure you hit all the must see and do places, if you'd prefer you're own space and pace I can create a holiday tailored to you.

Image by Maarten van den Heuvel

These are just some of the top bucket list destinations and activities, I have plenty more to offer and am happy to accommodate any and all of your bucket list dreams. The crazier the better! Message me today to start ticking that list off.