• Rhiannon Gallacher

The Bali Swings

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

Because not all swings are made equal.

There are a lot of swings in Bali. Almost every tourist attraction has swings. Tegalalang rice terrace had lots of swings, priced at IDR 50,000 a go (about £3), they also had various other photo props that you could pay to sit on and photograph, for a donation. We chose to give these ones a miss and went to the Bali Swing club in Ubud. We chose to do this for a few reasons;

- They have insurance, although I felt completely safe at all time whilst here it was nice to know that they had a proper policy in place if something when wrong, they have emergency equipment on site, nets under the swings and you have to read and sign a health and safety document before participating.

- You can pay to have professional pictures taken, it was amazing to swing above the trees and river, but you know you’re only going for the envy inducing pictures so why not get them done properly?

- There are lots of swings and photograph spots, which once you have paid the entrance fee you can use as many times as you like. A buffet style meal is also included in the price, which was delicious.

- The swings are super high 10m, 15m, 20m and 78m above the ground.

I thoroughly enjoyed the swings and the whole experience but here’s a few hints and tips so you can too;

- Arrive early, and I mean as early as you can. We got there at 8am and we were the first people on most of the swings, there was no que and no pressure to rush. Half past 10 seemed to be the time that people really started to turn up and by 12 the ques were ridiculous.

- Make sure you wear shoes that are easy to slip on and off as you need to take them off to go in the bird’s nests and on some of the swings.

- Wear a long floaty dress, as I said, its all about the pictures at this place and the dresses really do make the photographs look brilliant!

- On the left hand side as you walk down there are more swings, everyone seemed to walk down the steps and que for the one right in front of them and at 12 when there were more than 50 people queuing there was no que on the other swings, have a walk around there is no order in which you have to do the swings.

When we went we paid £40 each. This included entrance fee, transfer to and from the Bali swing, food and photographer. There is a free bus that runs from Ubud to the swing but starts later in the day.

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