I did everything right, I did what I was told would work. I worked hard in school, I went to college and then on to get my degree. Then I landed "the job"
It was a good job and paid well but I needed something more. I just had no idea what that something was, I dreamed of becoming more and being more but just ended up living for the weekend and wishing away my life until the next holiday.
But what could I do? I wasn't going to give up my well paying job on a whim, I couldn't, people would say I was stupid. I couldn't bare starting over, I'd worked so hard, this should have been it, I should have been happy. But still I wanted that something more.
Then, I found this opportunity, it gave me that something, the drive, the passion, the spark. My spark, it was back. I was excited to get up in the morning and didn't want to go to bed at night. What was even better was I could run this right alongside my current job - they were benefiting each other. Now I wake up excited to start the day, knowing everyday is going to be a good one to look forward as I'm in control of building the future the way I want it to look. I can enjoy the control I have over my life, explore the world more and live the life I deserve.
I am now on a mission to break you out of the life and the job you feel stuck in and get you back working with passion. If you want this passion back we need to connect.